FAA Posts Powered-Lift Aircraft Pilot Training Rules

DALLAS — The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has proposed a comprehensive rule for training and certifying advanced air mobility (AAM) pilots, another important step toward safely enabling and standardizing the nascent air travel mode.

David Boulter, Acting Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, said, “These proposed rules of the sky will safely usher in this new era of aviation and provide the certainty the industry needs to develop.”

New rules are required because many of the proposed aircraft take off and land like helicopters but fly like airplanes en route. The proposed powered-lift rule is intended to provide pilots and the industry with certainty about the requirements and expectations for operating these aircraft once it is finalized.

Archer United Airlines eVTOL. Image: Archer

Powered-Lift Rules

The FAA is now accepting comments from the public on a new proposed rule outlining the requirements to pilot these aircraft. According to the proposed rule:

  • A clear pathway is proposed for pilots to earn powered-lift ratings specific to each type of aircraft they fly. 
  • Pilots who work for powered-lift aircraft manufacturers could serve as the initial cadre of flight instructors, who could then train instructors at flight schools, training centers, and air carriers. 
  • To safely accelerate pilot certification, alternate eligibility criteria would enable certain pilots to meet flight-time experience requirements faster. This would apply to pilots who already hold a commercial pilot certificate and are instrument rated. 
  • Powered-lift aircraft would follow the same set of operating rules as traditional aircraft that are used in private and commercial flights and air tours. 

The proposal would meet International Civil Aviation Organization standards, allowing US pilots to fly in other countries. Individuals have 60 days after the proposed rule is published in the Federal Register to comment on it.

The FAA also issued an updated blueprint for airspace and procedure changes to accommodate future air taxis last month. You can visit the FAA’s Advanced Air Mobility website for more information.

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