Exclusive: Monarch Airlines Unveils New Livery

DALLAS — On August 19, Monarch Airlines made its comeback in the aviation industry after ceasing operations in 2017. The airline is preparing for its operational relaunch in 2024 and has been gradually revealing more details about its image, route network, fleet, and market approaches.

Yesterday, on August 28, Monarch Airlines unveiled a new brand logo to the public, giving the airline a fresh look while still incorporating the crown symbolism that is synonymous with the brand. The new logo features the letter “M” with a thick underline that highlights the silhouette of a bold crown.

In addition to the logo update, the airline’s website has also been revamped with a more user-friendly interface. The website now features the message “We’re working hard to create a brand new Monarch.” along with a photograph of a Boeing 737-200, which was previously operated by the airline in the 1980s.

The most exciting news, however, is the unveiling of the brand new livery exclusively to Airways by Monarch Airlines. The livery has completely redesigned the scheme on an Airbus A320ceo aircraft with Sharklets, replacing the historic yellow color with a more youthful purple.

New Image, New Ideas

From 2024 on, all Monarch Airlines aircraft will adopt the latest livery trends in the industry. This will involve the application of a vibrant purple shade on the rear section of the fuselage and tail, featuring the brand logo and aircraft registration in white.

The engines of the aircraft will also be painted in this purple tone, while the sharklets, if present, will maintain the traditional yellow color associated with Monarch Airlines on both sides of the wings.

The front of the fuselage will display the title Monarch, positioned near the aircraft’s front doors. The A320 family variant and the unique ship name, which represents the individual name given to each airplane, are underneath the airline name.

The former scheme of Monarch Airlines left important space for the yellow tones on the tail, while the dark purple shades were reserved for the lower fuselage. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways.

Recent Developments of the New Monarch

Monarch Airlines positioned itself as a premium alternative to other low-cost leisure carriers in the United Kingdom. The airline plans to commence operations in 2024 and will focus on operating flights from major British airports to markets that were previously served by its predecessor.

In an interview with Airways, Mr. Daniel Ellingham, the Chairman of the Board, expressed that there are numerous opportunities available for other operators to fill the gaps in former Monarch’s key markets. He highlighted that Monarch Airlines, as a newcomer, aims to step up and meet the demand in these markets.

Monarch Airlines is currently engaged in ongoing discussions with local aircraft lessors to acquire 15 Airbus A320 family aircraft, likely including models from the A319 and A320 series. The company anticipates approaching the Civil Aviation Authority of the UK in the coming weeks to apply for a valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and initiate its operations.

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Featured image: Monarch Airlines

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