EX-YU Aviation News turns 15
EX-YU Aviation News went online exactly fifteen years ago today at 09.00 CEST, with the aim of bringing together commercial aviation news from the former Yugoslavia. Since June 1, 2008, the site has been updated on a daily basis with fresh articles. A total of over 11.600 news items have been published over the past fifteen years, along with just over half a million comments and contributions from visitors. In 2011, the “Vintage” section of the site was introduced, documenting and publishing over 500 photographs celebrating the rich legacy of the aviation industry in the former Yugoslavia. In 2018, the “Trip Report” section was rolled out, documenting the travel experiences from the site’s visitors. This included some of the first trip reports on the web during the height of the coronavirus pandemic and global lockdowns in 2020. So far, a total 324 trip reports have been published.
EX-YU Aviation News in 2011

Although the site has seen year-on-year growth in visitor numbers since 2008, an exponential increase in pageviews began in 2013, when EX-YU Aviation News brought a number of exclusives on the planned launch of the rebranded Jat Airways, which became to be known as Air Serbia. This pace of growth was further bolstered in 2019 during the final months and subsequent collapse of Adria Airways. New records were set in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite the gloom in the industry at the time, figures continued to rise throughout the global health emergency and the start of its recovery. The first half of 2023 has so far seen the most number of visitors to the site.
EX-YU Aviation News in 2017

For seven years in a row, between 2016 and 2022, EX-YU Aviation News was named one of the top fifty most influential aviation blogs and websites for aviation professionals by Feedspot, which compiles the most comprehensive list of the best aviation blogs on the Internet, ranking in eighth in 2021 and 2022. In 2019, it was also selected as one of the top sixty best aviation blogs by Experitdo, one of the largest and most comprehensive product review sites in the United States.


· No more passport stamps upon EU entry/exit, February 8, 2023
· Wizz Air temporarily suspends over a dozen EX-YU routes, July 15, 2020
· Air Serbia launch – rolling updates, September 26, 2013
· Air Serbia sees unprecedented Russia demand, March 6, 2022
· Emirates to launch Zagreb service, January 12, 2017
· Turkish Airlines to resume Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia flights, June 9, 2020
· easyJet to temporarily suspend most EX-YU flights, September 7, 2020
· Wizz Air downgrades two routes from Macedonia, August 13, 2018
· Gulf carriers resume EX-YU operations, July 1, 2020
· Adria Airways ceases operations, September 24, 2019


Published April 15, 2023: A JAT Caravelle at Ohrid Airport in the 1970s

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