EX-YU airports set for December growth, Wizz remains largest airline

All capital city airports from the former Yugoslavia are expected to see passenger growth during the final month of the year when compared to December in both 2022 and the pre-pandemic 2019, based on available scheduled seat capacity levels. On the other hand, Wizz Air will just stay on as the region’s biggest airline ahead of Air Serbia.

Belgrade Airport has the most available seats on scheduled flights in December, standing at 888.112. The figure represents an increase of 40.9% on last year and up 58.3% on 2019. Air Serbia will continue to maintain its position as the largest carrier, holding 52.1% of all available scheduled capacity at the airport. Zagreb follows as the second largest airport with 381.576 available seats on scheduled flights during the month. It represents an increase of 15% on last year and is up 21.4% on 2019. Croatia Airlines will retain its position as the largest carrier at the airport, with 40% of available capacity. However, notably, the Croatian carrier is one of the only airlines with fewer capacity this December than the same month last year (down 1.1%), as well as 2019 (down 10.4%).
Skopje Airport boasts 322.162 seats in December, up 59.6% on last year and an improvement of 54.7% on 2019. Wizz Air will hold a 64.7% share of available seats at the airport. Pristina Airport will have 241.741 available seats, however, it has numerous flights sold exclusively through tour operators which are considered as charters. Therefore, these are not included in overall scheduled seat capacity. If only seats on scheduled flights are taken into account, the airport sees an increase of 24.9% in capacity on last year and 33.7% on 2019. Chair Airlines has the largest portion of scheduled seats, holding a 21.3% share.
Ljubljana Airport will also see capacity levels exceed pre-pandemic levels. It boasts 124.456 seats this December, up 9.1% on 2019. The figure is an improvement of 48.4% on last year. Ljubljana’s largest carrier by seats next month is Turkish Airlines with a 18.1% share as it prepares to deploy wide-bodies on some of its flights, ahead of Lufthansa, which will have 16.142 seats with a 13% share. Podgorica Airport has 121.802 seats on sale next month, up 15.3% and 16% on 2022 and 2019 respectively. Turkish Airlines is the largest carrier, with a 20% share, ahead of Air Serbia with 18.4% of the market and Air Montenegro with 12.8%. Finally, Sarajevo Airport has 106.521 seats available this December, which is up 10.1% on last and an improvement of 15.8% on the pre-pandemic 2019. Turkish Airlines will be its largest carrier with a 23.9% capacity share.
Largest carriers by scheduled seat capacity in the former Yugoslavia, December 2023

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