Ex-Trump adviser mocked for freakout over airline's 'Palestinian'-looking scarves

Former Trump Organization legal officer and Trump administration adviser on Israel Jason D. Greenblatt took to X on Wednesday to rage against a pair of United Airlines gate agents at Newark Liberty International Airport, for wearing scarves that he thought looked suspiciously “Palestinian.”

Gate agents at EWR wearing scarves which look a lot like a Palestinian keffiyeh,” posted Greenblatt. “Is there a message @United is trying to promote? This, on top of what happened with United pilot who was sympathetic to Hamas on social media (who has since been suspended)?”

Commenters were quick to laugh at his outrage, many pointing out that there was a much simpler explanation for why the two gate agents were wearing those particular scarves.

“Bro that’s a scarf with little planes on it,” Spike Cohen posted. “Using United’s color scheme. This just can’t be a coincidence!” said user Paul A. And Patrick S. Tomlinson wrote bluntly, “Those are airplanes you f–king radish. The message is it’s cold outside.”

Others had more creative mockery for Greenblatt.

“From the cockpit to the cabin seatbelts will fasten,” posted a user named Mohammad.

“If you look closely at the mans head, that’s not hair, those are representative terrorist clumps only seen in the most extreme parts of the world. Stay awake,” posted Brandon Bradford.

“Sorry you couldn’t get two random employees fired for the crime of wearing a type of scarf,” wrote Socialists for Pritzker.

“It’s really hilarious that you decided you were going to humiliate yourself in front of thousands of complete strangers,” wrote Mike Friedman. “Well DONE!”

Article source: https://airlines.einnews.com/article/670440076/_w4QoIEp2iGfQ_sW?ref=rss&ecode=vaZAu9rk30b8KC5H

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