Embraer Secures New Orders: Brazil Goes Global

PARIS — Brazilian manufacturer Embraer has announced a new series of aircraft orders from airlines around the world. The E-Jet family, including both generations, has performed well at the 2023 Paris Air Show, attracting attention mostly for the recently introduced Embraer E2 series.

The company combined all announcements in a single press conference on June 20, 2023, which became one of the most attended and most covered by the media at PAS2023.

Overall, Embraer has secured new orders from four main companies: Avolon, Azorra Aviation, Binter (NT), and Envoy Air (MQ).

Porter Airlines will incorporate more Embraer E-195 E2 aircraft through the lessor Avolon. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways.

Avolon Strengthens Presence in Canada

The first aircraft order signed with the Brazilian manufacturer was from Porter Airlines (PD), which recently performed the commercial introduction of the E-195 E2 in their Canadian network. The carrier is optimistic about the performance of this aircraft and has enlarged its fleet by total units at the Paris Air Show.

The airline currently operates a consolidated fleet of 11 total E2 airplanes and is expecting to receive two more in the coming weeks. The deal was signed through the leasing entity Avolon, and the first deliveries will take place during the last months of 2023. Avalon is one of the largest dry lessors in the aviation industry, with more than 530 deliveries and 830 aircraft in possession.

Jeffrey Brown, EVP, and Chief Financial Officer at Porter, said: “The E2 is an incredible addition to Porter’s fleet, offering best-in-class seat cost economics and providing an ideal platform to deliver the truly differentiated in-flight economy passenger experience that Porter is known for. We are excited to partner with Avalon and value their reputation and expertise in aircraft leasing, which makes them an ideal new partner.”

Azorra Aviation is one of the lessors that maintain the best relationship with Embraer, with 35 aircraft on order. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways.

Azorra Aviation Keeps its Trust in the E2

American aircraft lessor Azorra Aviation, based in Florida, has agreed to the acquisition of 15 additional Embraer E-195 E2 aircraft. With this order, the current book stays at 35 airframes which will be eventually distributed among different Asian airlines such as Scoot (TR), Royal Jordanian (RJ), or SKS Airways (KI); orders which had been already announced recently.

Now, with the further incorporation of these new units, the relationship with Embraer has been highly strengthened, and both companies are working together to offer the customers the most competitive and attractive connectivity and inflight experience on board the Embraer E2 family.

Ron Baur, president at Azorra, said, “Azorra has a long-standing partnership with Embraer and owns and manages a portfolio of more than 100 Embraer E1, E2, and Phenom aircraft, making Azorra one of the largest lessors of Embraer aircraft.

Baur added, “We believe the operating economics of the E2, combined with its environmentally friendly and quiet engines, make the E2 an ideal aircraft for our airline customers.”

Binter is putting its trust in turbofan aircraft for its strategic plans of European expansion. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways.

The Success of the E-195 E2 Continues in the Canary Islands

One of the most loyal customers of the E2 family of Embraer in the Spanish region of the Canary Islands is Binter (NT), which has confirmed an order for six additional E-195 E2 aircraft as well, ending up in 16 total aircraft planned to operative by the regional carrier in the coming years.

Rodolfo Núñez, president at Binter, said, “The E2 has been a game changer for Binter. Our guests love the aircraft, especially how quiet it is. Performance in terms of Fuel burn and maintenance has also been better than advertised. As we continue to grow, the E2 has proved to be the perfect aircraft to lead our continued growth.”

With the acquisition of six more units, NT has reinforced its position in the crucial market of the Canary Islands ahead of the threat of any exterior form of competition. Let’s remember that European carrier airBaltic (BT) has recently opened a base in Gran Canaria (LPA), which is one of the main hubs of Binter Canarias.

Envoy Air was the only airline to order the previous generation of E-Jets. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways.

Envoy Air Still Trusts the Classics

At the Paris Air Show, the Embraer E-195 E2 has been the primary commercial draw for the Brazilian manufacturer. However, they have not abandoned the production of the earlier generation of E-Jets. Some carriers are still interested in operating the aircraft even 20 years after its initial flight.

Envoy Air (MQ), a North American company that operates regional flights for Delta Air Lines (DL), American Airlines (AA), and United (UA), has agreed to purchase seven Embraer E-175 planes from the E1 family. The E-175 is still being manufactured, as the development of the successor E-175 E2 variant has been put on hold since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arjan Meijer, CEO at Embraer, said, “It’s hard to exaggerate the impact this hardworking aircraft has every day, delivering essential, dependable service, and an economic lifeline to communities across the North American market. The E175 is the backbone of the US regional network, with over 620 aircraft sold, and 86% market share since 2013”.

As well, the CEO of Envoy Air, Pedro Fábregas, said, “Our journey with Embraer began 25 years ago with the ERJ145, and our partnership continues to grow today as we take these additional aircraft and grow our all-Ejet fleet. The jet’s outstanding performance and reliability have allowed us to continue to provide excellent service to American Airlines and the thousands of customers we serve every day.”

Earlier in the day, Embraer gave the media a big briefing about the current situation of the EVE program, promoting urban air mobility. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways.

Urban Air Mobility’s Presence at the Show

Apart from the order announcements for the Embraer E-Jet series made by various airlines, the manufacturer has also given high priority and importance to the current EVE program, which is destined for the future introduction of urban air mobility aircraft and is being supported by many start-up airlines and current airlines to incorporate these services in the future.

Embraer, which has a strong presence in the Brazilian market, announced more collaboration and agreements with companies such as Voar, which has placed an order for 70 EVE program air taxis. In addition, Norwegian regional airline Wideroe (WF) has put its faith in the project by agreeing to purchase 50 air taxi aircraft.

The EVE project was developed using Embraer’s eVTOL technology platform, and it is currently being tested in a variety of markets, ranging from premium-class transportation from homes to aircraft by air by United Airlines to the application of this operation to the market of private vehicles hiring companies such as Uber, Bolt, or Cabify.

In the commercial market, Embraer has placed its full confidence in the E-195 E2 at the Paris Air Show. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways.

Embraer at the Paris Air Show

The Embraer E-195 E2 has been the main attraction for the Brazilian manufacturer at the Paris Air Show. Nonetheless, they haven’t given up on producing the older generation of E-Jets. Some airlines are still interested in using the aircraft even 20 years after it first flew.

Additionally, Envoy Air (MQ), a North American carrier that services regional flights for Delta Air Lines (DL), American Airlines (AA), and United (UA), has committed to purchasing seven E1 family Embraer E-175 planes. Although the development of the E-175 E2 variant has been halted since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the E-175 is still in production.

Featured image: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways

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