Embraer E195-E2 Receives Type Certificate in China

DALLAS — The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has granted the Type Certificate to the Embraer E195-E2, the largest member of the E-Jet family. This certification follows the approval of the E190-E2 in November last year during the Zhuhai Air Show.

Arjan Meijer, President and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, expressed excitement about the certification, stating that the manufacturer now has both the E190-E2 and E195-E2 certified by CAAC, “paving the way for sales in the Chinese market,” adding that the company’s team in China is actively working with potential customers and making good progress.

The certification of both aircraft models by CAAC opens up significant opportunities for Embraer in the Chinese market. The E2 series offers complementary capacity to China’s indigenous ARJ21 and C919 aircraft, providing flexible, efficient, and eco-friendly options for Chinese airlines. This aligns with the growing demand in the world’s fast-growing air transportation market.

“It’s another milestone for the largest Embraer jet—the E195-E2—to be certified by CAAC,” said Guo Qing, Managing Director and VP Commercial Aviation, Embraer China. “China is moving closer to carbon neutrality. The E195-E2 is the most environmentally efficient aircraft in its class. With a maximum of 146 seats, E195-E2 is the right size to profitably complement larger narrowbodies on lower density routes, connecting regional airports, and offering travelers living in secondary and tertiary cities one-stop access to routes worldwide.”

“With both the Chinese and Brazilian governments reiterating their support for Embraer’s activities in China during Brazilian President Lula’s State visit to China, I’m very optimistic about the opportunities in China,”

Guo Qing, VP COmmercial Aviation, Embraer

Azul PS-AEF Embraer E195-E2 (Blue Macaw livery) SBBR (Off airport). Photo: Thiago Machado/Airways

20 More Years

According to the company’s most recent 20-Year Market Outlook, there is a robust growth rate in the Asia Pacific region, with a specific focus on China. This growth is projected to result in an annual increase of 4.4% in revenue passenger kilometers (RPKs) over the next two decades.

2023 marks Embraer’s 23rd year in China. In September 2000, the first Embraer ERJ145 was delivered to Sichuan Airlines, and in May 2008, Embraer delivered its first E-Jet, an E190, to Tianjin Airlines (GS). There are 85 E-Jets flying with GS, Hebei Airlines (NS), Beibu Gulf Airlines (GX), and Colorful Guizhou Airlines (GY) in China.

Embraer expects a rise in China’s need for flexibility, particularly in “complementing narrow-body aircraft,” which it says is a key driver behind the increasing demand for the up-to-150-seat segment. The company says it is well-positioned to tap into this market growth and contribute to the expansion of China’s aviation industry with its E2 series aircraft.

Last month, Embraer signed a Letter of Agreement at the 54th Paris Air Show with Lanzhou Aviation Industry Development Group for 20 E190F and E195F E-Jets Passenger-to-Freight Conversions (P2F). 

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Featured image: Embraer E195-E2 Profit Hunter. Photo: Simone Chellini/Airways

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