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Starting from November this year, Corendon, a Dutch airline (CD), will implement exclusive “Only Adult” zones on its flights connecting Amsterdam and Curacao.

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By introducing this feature, Corendon aims to provide a tailored experience for travellers who prefer a child-free environment. In addition, business passengers looking for a quiet space to work during their journey will also find this exclusive area helpful, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

Passengers interested in reserving a seat within the Only Adult zone can do so for a fee of €45 per one-way trip. Meanwhile, for those seeking extra space, XL seats within this zone will be available for €100 per one-way trip. Access to this dedicated area is restricted to passengers aged 16 and below.

At the same time, the Adult Only area will include nine XL seats with ample legroom and 93 standard seats. This section will also be physically separated from the rest of the cabin using walls and curtains, creating an isolated atmosphere that enhances the peace and quiet of the flight journey.

According to the visionary behind Corendon, the airline’s commitment has always been to cater to the diverse demands of passengers. Uslu also emphasised that the distinction of being the inaugural Dutch airline to introduce an “Adults Only” area is a source of extraordinary pride.

“We also believe that this offering will positively impact parents travelling with young children, allowing them to enjoy their flight without apprehensions when their little ones make a bit more noise,” he pointed out in this regard.

Moreover, in May this year, Corendon considered leasing an Airbus A350. This leasing agreement aimed to operate flights connecting Amsterdam to the Caribbean island of Curaçao. While the airline itself has refrained from commenting on these plans, the prospect of expanding its fleet with an Airbus A350 remains a topic of interest.

The same line forms an essential part of the broader Dutch-Turkish conglomerate known as the Corendon Group. This conglomerate includes the airline itself, Corendon Touristic, a well-known tour operator, and Corendon Hotels & Resorts, which operates in the hotel sector.

Founded in 2010, Corendon Dutch Airlines currently operates a fleet of three Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The airline operates mostly on holiday destinations, particularly in the Mediterranean region. Its operational scope includes scheduled and charter flights to these leisure-focused destinations.

Besides, the Amsterdam-Curaçao route is actually served by well-known carriers such as KLM and TUI, further reinforcing the popularity of this route for travellers between the Netherlands and the Caribbean.

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