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Last month, I reviewed a new dish on United Airlines served in domestic first class that includes a cheeseburger and French Fries. I applauded the effort but lamented how soggy the French Fries were. Well, I tried the dish again and was pleasantly surprised to find that this time, the French Fries were crispy.

Crispy French Fries On United Airlines

Eating on a plane helps to pass the time and we must remember that airplane food is still…airplane food. That aside, many airlines manage to offer delectable meals aboard so it is not unreasonable to except the same from US carriers. Sometimes the best food is not fancy or gourmet dishes but simple comfort food. I cannot think of any food fitting that definition better than a burger with fries (speaking from my American perspective, of course).

Yet heating and reheating on an airplane is no easy matter. I predicted the French Fries would be limp and they certainly were.

Earlier this week, I decided to give them one more try. I pre-ordered the dish, expecting I would again be disappointed.

However, I was not…the French Fries came out crispy!

I asked the flight attendant what her secret was. There’s a little white box with vents that these salty snacks are cooked in before serving, but the secret is not the box: just like anything else you want a little more well-done, the secret is just leaving it in the oven longer.

So if you do like crispy French Fries and decide to pre-order this dish on a future United flight, ask the the flight attendant to double the time the French Fries are in the oven. They’re much better that way!

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