‘Crazy plane lady’ Tiffany Gomas teases new project in apology for American Airlines rant

Self-described “crazy plane lady” Tiffany Gomas has launched a sweeping rebranding effort, teasing a secret new project to coincide with a groveling apology for her viral “that mother f—er is not real” rant aboard an American Airlines flight.

The Texas-based marketing executive has launched a new self-named website while also reactivating the social media accounts she deleted in the wake of her plane freak-out.

So far, the website only features her two-minute video mea culpa — in which she calls herself “the crazy plane lady,” a nickname she said “is completely warranted.”

Under the embedded video, she shares the words “Stay Tuned” in stark white font set against a black background.

It was not immediately clear what project Gomas was preparing to unveil, or when. However, her video ended with the message: “Join me on my journey of promoting positive mental health and standing up against cyberbullying.”

That also appears to be the focus of her social media activity, which as of Monday included her return to Instagram, YouTube and X, the new name for Twitter, according to the Daily Mail, which first reported the relaunch.

Tiffany Gomas
American Airlines passenger Tiffany Gomas, 38, teased a new project after issuing a video apology for her meltdown.
Instagram / Tiffany Gomas

On X, the founder of UpperCut Marketing has chosen to follow just 16 carefully curated accounts. They include several prominent podcasters, such as Joe Rogan and Dr. Jordan Peterson, a number of anti-bullying and mental health organizations, and a smattering of media outlets.

The marketing executive from Dallas said in her Sunday video that she wished to take “full accountability for my actions,” calling her behavior on July 2 “completely unacceptable.”

Tiffany Gomas' new website
Gomas has launched a new website, which currently features her apology video and the words “stay tuned.”
Tiffany Gomas

Gomas, sporting bold eye makeup, a slick hairdo and a tan-colored jacket, expressed remorse for her unhinged antics captured on a fellow passenger’s cellphone.

“Distressed or not I should’ve been in control of my emotions and that was not the case,” she said. “My use of profanity was completely unnecessary and I want to apologize to everyone on that plane, especially those that had children aboard.”

Fighting back tears, she added, “While it has been really comical for everyone and I have highly enjoyed so many of the memes, on the flip side it is very invasive and unkind and I don’t know what I would do without the love and support of my friends and family.”

Gomas concluded her public penance by saying that she hopes to “use this experience and do a little bit of good in the world and that is what I intend to do. I hope that you guys can accept my apology and I can begin to move on with my life.”

It wasn’t the Dallas native’s first attempt at trying to explain her bizarre conduct. In her first interview with the Daily Mail last week, a defiant Gomas complained that her life has “blown up” since the incident aboard the plane — and urged the public not to “judge” her.

“My life has been blown up. It’s frightening. Things go viral and everything changes,” Gomas told the outlet, while standing in front of her $1.6 million Dallas home.

“No one knows anyone else’s story, and no one should judge. No one knows what it’s like,” she continued.

Gomas, who warned that she was consulting a lawyer, claimed that “so much” of the story about her was inaccurate, but she declined to elaborate.

In the infamous video, Gomas, marched to the front of the plane preparing to depart from Dallas to Orlando and declared that she was getting off the flight because “that motherf–er back there is not real.”

“You can sit on this plane and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to,” she yelled while clutching her $1,900 Goyard tote, before being removed by cabin crew.

Gomas flew into a rage after a dispute between her and a relative, whom she accused of stealing her Airpods, according to police records reviewed by The Post.

Because of Gomas’ conduct, passengers were forced to deboard Flight 1009, before being allowed to get back on, causing a delay of at least 3 hours.

Gomas was issued a warrant for criminal trespass — but was neither arrested nor charged — after police found her sitting on a curb outside the airport terminal waiting for an Uber. That followed the passenger’s several failed attempts to go back through a TSA security checkpoint and reboard the flight.

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