Just the other day we advertised jobs that will be available in the Panama Canal and how to apply. Let’s do the same with Copa Airlines.  They project growth of 12% this year which will generate 630 new jobs for a total of 1250 on staff.  Would you like a job or career at Copa?  Now is your chance.  Need to know how to qualify for a job at Copa?  To qualify for a dispatch position at the airline, certain requirements must be met, such as having a license granted by the Civil Aeronautics Authority, which issues this document once the professional has completed the studies and hours of practice.  This is a regulated position, as the dispatcher’s license is subject to periodic renewal, which includes recurring training, certifications and medical examinations.  The airline offers the opportunity for students in this career to do internships as part of their training. “These hours are necessary to meet the requirements of the study program.” When joining the airline, the first step is to start as a Load Planner, a role that consists of being in charge of the aircraft and ensuring the preparation and loading of the aircraft.  You can then choose to promote to flight dispatchers: This position has responsibilities such as route planning, verification of various factors and weight distribution on the aircraft. This role is regulated and requires previous experience as a Load Planner and licensing by the civil aviation authority.  Flight dispatchers at Copa Airlines receive comprehensive training and education to perform their duties effectively and safely. “This includes ongoing training in areas such as safety, communication, risk management and teamwork.” 

Those interested in this career and other positions in this airline must go to the page www.copaair.com section “Work with Us” to subscribe to the “Copa Airlines Talent Community” and fill out the form to receive notifications of opportunities of work available.  It highlights that the airline offers growth opportunities, allowing employees to advance in their careers and assume more important roles within the organization.  “In the last 5 years, we have seen approximately three dispatchers advance to the pilot position, and notably, two of them have been women.”  There are collaborators who started in entry-level positions, such as interns or stevedores on the ramp, and who later progressed to become flight dispatchers, pilots or even managers in key areas such as the Operations Control Center.

Article source: https://airlines.einnews.com/article/705746158/03qZnjxFKJnXLGwI?ref=rss&ecode=vaZAu9rk30b8KC5H

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