Concorde is Back in Lego Form

DALLAS —While it may not achieve Mach 2, it will certainly serve as an impressive centerpiece for any living room. Today, Lego officially launched the Icons Concorde (10318) set. The set is composed of 2083 pieces and will be available on September 7, 2023.

The Lego Concorde set celebrates this incredible piece of engineering capable of achieving twice the speed of sound.

Concorde prototype (F-WTSS). Photo: Aérospatiale.

The livery chosen for this set is the F-WTTS, the first-ever Concorde manufactured. The aircraft was rolled out on December 11, 1967, from its hangar in Toulouse. On March 2, 1969, Concorde took off for the first time for a 28-minute flight.

Two months following its revival, Concorde made a remarkable low-level flight over the 1969 Paris Air Show. During the event, F-WTTS, the first Concorde ever built, was accompanied by G-BSST, the second aircraft out of the production line (001 and 002, respectively).

It took a few more months until October 1, 1969, for Concorde to surpass the Mach 1 speed barrier. Subsequently, the aircraft was primarily utilized for crew training and familiarization purposes.

After accumulating 812 flight hours, with nearly one-third of those hours spent flying supersonic, F-WTTS was retired in 1973. Today, visitors can catch a glimpse of this iconic aircraft at the French Air Museum, located at Le Bourget Airport.

The full-scale Concorde model. Photo: Lego

Coming in at 41.5 in. (105 cm) in length, the Concorde set is one of the longest-ever made by Lego. The Concorde replica has a tiltable droop nose, functioning landing gear, and a retractable tail bumper wheel among its features. The set also includes the classic delta wings with movable elevons and hinged upper and lower rudders.

Inside, three rows of seats in a 2-2 configuration can be found immediately behind two lavatories. These interiors can be exposed thanks to the removable roof.

Commemorative stand plate. Image: Lego

The Lego brick-built stand holds the model, which features a plate that displays certain technical details about the aircraft, such as its inaugural flight in 1969.

Will you get the new Lego Icons Concorde (10318) set?

Featured image: Lego


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