'Come on Delta, KLM, do better': 'Today' fans support Dylan Dreyer as she slams airlines for lost luggage

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: NBC’s ‘Today’ meteorologist Dylan Dreyer recently had a tragedy as she embarked on an adventurous getaway with her family. The TV personality took time off from the NBC morning show to spend some quality time with her husband Brian Fichera and their three sons, Rusty, Oliver, and Calvin.


During their travel, Dreyer reportedly revealed she lost thirteen pieces of luggage at Amsterdam airport, out of which six were still missing including hers. All of this went down a week ago as Dreyer took to her Instagram to share a snap with her children and husband, captioning the post, “Family vacation! Little did we know these would be the clothes for the whole trip because our luggage is lost in Amsterdam. We’re not in Amsterdam. All that work packing…”. Later, she went live from their destination, Italy, with other ‘Today’ hosts to detail the tragedy and she revealed how she is managing without her luggage, explaining that she and her family are actually enjoying this trip. She said, “We’re having a great time. There’s 16 of us and we’re laughing at (our luggage) at this point.”

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Why did Dylan Dreyer slam Delta and KLM Airlines?

‘Today’ meteorologist Dylan Dreyer lost her luggage during her family trip to Italy. Although they recovered some bags, others are still nowhere to be found and it’s been almost a week. Although Dryer is managing really well and enjoying, with her family using the hotel’s bathrobe to make an exceptional outfit, and wearing her son Calvin’s PJs to bed, it’s all fun and laughter. However, she called out Delta and KLM airlines in her recent Instagram posts to ask if they want to “try” again at finding her bags and five other bags as they reportedly told her, “Your luggage isn’t here.” She captioned the post, “Pure joy and happiness. We are so blessed to travel with our family on the trip of a lifetime to Sicily. If you’re wondering, my luggage is still missing but who cares at this point. (@delta and @klm, I do actually very much care and want my things back. If you want to try and find my bag and my family’s 5 other bags, let me know!).” Despite losing her luggage, she has been enjoying herself for a week and fans praise her enthusiasm, coming in to support her as she slams the airlines.


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‘Come on Delta and KLM…do better’

Many of Dylan Dreyer’s fans came in to support her as they flooded her recent Instagram post with comments slamming Delta and KLM airlines while also praising Dreyer’s beautiful family. One fan brutally called out the airlines, saying, “Hey, @delta #delta, I can’t wait for the response Dylan will get when she is back on the @todayshow on a national stage talking about @delta losing her bags and apparently not caring,” while another said, “@delta and @klm lost the wrong families luggage. I look forward to the investigative story NBC @nbcnightlynews @todaydoes on how poorly the airlines are doing today. The issues deserve full transparency and explanation! So glad you made the best of it @dylandreyernbc.” One more of Dreyer’s followers wrote, “Great attitude @dylandreyernbc. @Delta & @KLM really?! Why does this keep happening? How do you expect anyone to trust that you’ll get us to our destinations safely when you can’t even keep track of the bags we now pay for the privilege of bringing?” A person also added, “Wow! That’s a long time to be without luggage! Sounds like you are making the most of it but come on Delta and KLM…do better!”


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Other fans praised her for having such a wonderful time with her family, as an Instagram user wrote, “Enjoy the special time with family. Stuff in luggage can be replaced. Your family cannot!!” Another said, “You have the most important “baggage” you will ever need in life. Your wonderful, beautiful family. God bless.”

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