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I’m so thankful US airlines have graduated from the days of peanuts or pretzels in economy class and now make a more conscientious effort when it comes to in-flight snacks. United Airlines now offers chocolate quinoa crisps onboard which has to be my favorite airline snack ever (the mini fruit bar is also not bad).

Chocolate Quinoa Crisps On United Airlines Are Superb

In February, I wrote about United’s new trio of onboard treats, which include:

  • Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Chocolate Crisps by Undercover Snacks
    • With a protein and fiber-rich crispy quinoa as its base, each crisp is covered with dark chocolate and a hint of sea salt 
  • Apple and Mango Fruit Bars by That’s it
    • Each bar is made from apple and mango… nothing else and will only be available on United Airlines
  • Savory Snack Mix by Summer Harvest
    • The mix includes rye bagel chips, garlic bread bites, and pretzel twists.  

I’ve tried all three and quite enjoy all three, but I very much love the chocolate crisps by Undercover. What a great little treat that is both satisfying (I love the juxtaposition of sweet and salty) and one of the healthier snacks you can have.

It seems to me that partnerships like this can be win-win for airlines and the manufacturers who make these snacks. I had never heard of Undercover before the United partnership, but now I have and have bought a large bag of these at Costco. Partnering with up-and-coming brands at a good price point seems promising for passengers too: better choices onboard, which help to pass the time on a flight more quickly.


While I am always happy to see a stroopwafel or biscoff cookies, the snacks currently on offer on United, particularly the quinoa chips, are excellent. So good, in fact, I’ve bought them outside the flight, which to this point is something I have only done for the Lotus biscoff cookies despite two million miles of flying.

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