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China Eastern Airlines Launches First Shanghai-Chengdu Flight Operated by C919

August 4, 2023

Shanghai, ChinaChina Eastern Airlines has announced the launch of its first commercial flight, MU9197, operated by the C919 aircraft, from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Chengdu Tianfu. This milestone marks the beginning of the “dual-aircraft commercial operation” for the two C919 domestic large aircraft received by the airline.

Since officially receiving the world‘s first C919 large passenger aircraft from COMAC on December 9, 2022, China Eastern Airlines has made significant progress in expanding its C919 fleet. On May 28, 2023, the airline successfully completed the round-trip flight of the first C919 commercial flight, operating between Shanghai Hongqiao and Beijing Capital. With the addition of the second C919 on July 16, China Eastern Airlines is steadily advancing its commercial operations.

The newly introduced round-trip flight numbers for the Shanghai-Chengdu Express are MU9197/MU9198 and MU9189/MU9190. China Eastern Airlines plans to operate four flights between Shanghai Hongqiao and Chengdu Tianfu on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays, and two flights per day on other days. This offers passengers more choices to experience the comfort and reliability of domestic large aircraft.

Since its commercial operations began, the C919 has been serving passengers on the Shanghai-Chengdu Express Line. Within a span of just a few months, a total of 125 commercial flights have been implemented, accumulating over 360 hours of commercial operation. More than 15,000 passengers have already experienced the state-of-the-art C919.

This latest development signifies China‘s efforts in accelerating the growth and advancement of its domestic aviation industry. The C919 aircraft, with its cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise, is poised to compete with international counterparts and establish its position in the global market. As China Eastern Airlines continues to expand its fleet of C919 aircraft, more passengers can look forward to an enhanced travel experience on domestic routes.

Passengers traveling between Shanghai and Chengdu can now enjoy the comfort, efficiency, and spaciousness offered by the C919. With its successful commercial operations, China Eastern Airlines is setting a new standard for the domestic aviation industry and showcasing China‘s capabilities in aircraft manufacturing and operation.

The C919’s launch on the Shanghai-Chengdu route is expected to boost air travel between the two major cities and contribute to the development of regional tourism and business opportunities. As China Eastern Airlines continues to invest in and expand its C919 fleet, the airline aims to play a crucial role in connecting China‘s domestic destinations with world-class aircraft and services.

Passengers are encouraged to take advantage of the increased options and explore the benefits of flying with the C919 on the Shanghai-Chengdu route. With its spacious cabin, advanced technology, and exceptional performance, the C919 offers an unparalleled flying experience for travelers.

China Eastern Airlines remains committed to delivering excellence in air travel and continues to invest in innovative solutions to enhance passenger satisfaction and safety. As the world looks forward to witnessing the further development of the C919 program, the Shanghai-Chengdu route marks an important step towards achieving China‘s ambition of becoming a global aviation powerhouse.

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