Caribbean Airlines' vibrant 'Welcome Home' party boosts Saint Lucia's connectivity and culture
Caribbean Airlines
Caribbean Airlines’ vibrant ‘Welcome Home’ party boosts Saint Lucia’s connectivity and culture

Caribbean Airlines orchestrated a vibrant “Welcome Home” party during its summer campaign in Saint Lucia this past Friday, drawing in a crowd of enthusiastic participants. The event marked a significant occasion as the airline proudly highlighted enhanced connectivity to the island, concurrently bolstering tourism and spotlighting the island’s rich culture and warm hospitality.

Thaddeus Antoine, the Chairman, stood alongside key representatives from the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, including Christopher Gustave, the Marketing Manager for the Caribbean, Events & Sports, Geraine Georges, the Public Relations Manager, and Vivekanand Kantasingh, the Delegate from Caribbean Airlines.



The collective presence underscored the collaboration between the airline and the Tourism Authority, emphasizing the ongoing partnership between the airline and Saint Lucia. The occasion encapsulated the spirit of unity and shared enthusiasm for enhancing travel experiences and promoting the island’s unique charm.

During summer, the airlines “Welcome Home” campaign also took place in Coney Island in the Big Apple to celebrate culture, creativity and connectivity.

Top artistes, including Carlvin Burnett, Ravi B, Sekon Sta, Viking Ding Dong, Farmer Nappy and headliner Agent Sasco brought big energy and vibes all the way from the Caribbean to New York City to electrify the crowd.

“Our guests had a time, and we wouldn’t have wished for a better evening. Many thanks to everyone who supported us in making this evening a huge success,” outlined the airline company.

Also, lucky audience members won free tickets to fly fly to any Caribbean Airlines destination. The airline said that this campaign will continue and will make several stops around the Caribbean.

Caribbean airline is a significant airline providing services all around the Eastern Caribbean from different nations around the world to give an easy access to passengers to travel to small island nations such as Saint Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, St Kitts and Nevis etc.



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