Caribbean Airlines launches July/August 2023 edition of “Caribbean Beat” 
Caribbean Airlines launches July/August 2023 edition of “Caribbean Beat” 
Caribbean Airlines launches July/August 2023 edition of “Caribbean Beat” 

Caribbean: Caribbean Airlines launched the July/August 2023 edition of the “Caribbean Beat”. The magazine featured the showcase of the Caribbean festivals, events and Trinidad’s iconic Asa Wright Nature Centre. 

The new edition of the magazine will make the people meet Trinidadian cycling sensation Nicholas Paul and CARICOM’s Belize-born Secretary General Dr Carla Bennett. 


Caribbean Airlines said,” Whet your appetite learning about the Caribbean’s varied and flavourful plant-based traditions. Discover how Trinidad’s iconic Asa Wright Nature Centre points the way to the island’s eco-tourism future.” 

The magazine will also shed light on the region through inspiring travel features and, as always, go inside exciting Caribbean festivals and events. The visitors will also, enjoy the reviews of the new Caribbean books and music releases, and so much more.

The magazine consisted of 84 pages. It is edited by Caroline Taylor and designed by Kevon Webster. The editorial assistant of the magazine is Shelly-Ann Inniss, and Jacqueline Smith turned out to be the production manager. 

Besides this, Joanne Mendes is the Finance Director, and the magazine is published by Jeremy Taylor. Halcyon Salazar is the business development consultant. The Caribbean region is home to many island paradise. The destinations are being visited by younger, more savvy and adventurous world travellers who have different values and priorities than previous travellers. 

Caribbean Beat is published six times a year for Caribbean Airlines by Media and Editorial Projects Ltd. It is also available on subscription. The magazine featured the following descriptions: 

  • Event Buzz: Included the festivals and events around the region.
  • Sports Buzz: It sheds light on Sheldon Waithe, who goes inside the Commonwealth Youth Games 
  • Music and Book Buzz: It included the reviews by Nigel A Campbell and Shivanee N Ramlochan
  • Cookup: The varied and flavourful plant-based traditions in the Caribbean have always been about us and never about trends, writes Vaughn Stafford Gray. 
  • World of Mouth: Shelly-An Inniss previews Guyana’s Cricket Carnival 
  • Bucket List: The rainforests of Suriname 
  • The Phoenix of the Arima Valley: Jannine Mendes-Franco maps the rich history of Trinidad’s renowned Asa Wright Nature Centre- and how it may ow point the way to the island’s eco-tourism future. 
  • OWN Words: CARICOM’s Secretary General Dr Carla Barnett, on her Belizean roots, passion for her kitchen garden, and goals for CARICOM as the regional body turns 50- as told to Shelly-Ann Inniss
  • Snapshot: The Red, White and Black Flash
  • Round trip: Easy Breezy Adventures while suggesting some of the many adventures they can enjoy across the region with the whole family 
  • Explore Living La Vida Vinales: Donna Yachting tours this beautiful Cuban region, taking in its infectious music and meeting some of its ever-resilient people along the way. 

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