Budget Airline EasyJet Bets Big On Arctic Tourism In Tromsø, Norway

For some time now, Scandinavia has been touted as the new summer destination of choice for Europeans put off by soaring temperatures in the traditional Mediterranean vacation destinations.

Now, with EasyJet announcing seven new seasonal routes to the north of Norway, Tromsø is set to benefit in the winter season too.

The budget airline known for its bright orange livery and no-frills service will serve Tromsø directly from three British airports: Bristol, London Gatwick, and Manchester.

The twice-weekly flights will launch in mid-November from London Gatwick and Manchester, and in early December from Bristol.

Direct routes from Amsterdam, Geneva, Milan, and Paris have also been announced as part of the airline’s new winter program.

An Appealing Arctic Vacation

Tromsø, the biggest city in Norway’s vast Arctic region, has already seen an increase in tourist interest during the winter season.

According to the Barents Observer, Tromsø enjoyed a 126% increase in passengers arriving on international flights in January 2024 compared with the same month in 2023.

With tourist numbers and especially international flight arrivals seeing a significant increase over the previous year, the city is set to benefit even more with the new routes.

But what exactly makes Tromsø such an appealing winter destination? As the biggest city for hundreds of miles around, Tromsø is packed with facilities and cultural amenities that make it a much more appealing destination than its relatively small population of 78,000 suggests.

Tromsø is known as one of the best places in Europe to see the northern lights. Aurora hunting is big business, with countless companies offering aurora tours from September to April.

Other popular winter activities include riding through the snow-covered wilderness on husky-pulled sleds, whale watching, snowmobiling, and ice fishing.

Those interested in cultural experiences will find plenty to enjoy in Tromsø as well. The city boasts several museums and galleries that showcase the rich history and culture of the Arctic region. The Polar Museum, for instance, provides fascinating insights into the lives of early Arctic explorers and the history of hunting and trapping.

Aviation Hub For Northern Norway

Tromsø has long served as an important hub for domestic aviation for Norway’s Arctic region.

Many passengers fly into Tromsø from other big Norwegian cities, before connecting onto Widerøe’s small propeller aircraft to reach remote settlements all across the north.

In 2024, Tromsø is increasingly becoming a hub for international flights too. More passengers than ever before will be able to fly to Tromsø directly, without needing to book an expensive and inconvenient connection through Oslo.

Arctic Interest Beyond Tromsø

Tromsø is far from the only destination benefiting from a growing interest in Arctic tourism.

Cruise calls in Norwegian ports such as Alta and Narvik are increasing as cruise lines seek alternate ports for midnight sun and northern lights itineraries. Finland’s Rovaniemi, long associated with winter tourism thanks to its Santa Claus Village, recorded more than one million overnight stays in 2023, more than in any previous year.

In addition to EasyJet’s bet on Tromsø, British Airways will also fly from London to Tromsø in the upcoming winter season. The British airline has also announced a new route to Ivalo in Northern Finland.

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