British Airways races ahead of Ryanair to beat budget airline on fare prices

offers cheaper flights to some destinations than – but customers will need to note how the prices work to make sure they get the best deal.

Consumer writer Nick Trend wrote for The Telegraph on August 20 about his experience comparing prices for flights for a holiday later this year.

He found consumers should be careful when looking at the initial prices for the different airlines as they may not tell the full story.

He first compared prices her found while searching for a round trip from London Stansted to Venice which showed £50 for EasyJet, £39 for Wizz and £56 for Ryanair.

Trailing far behind the competition was British Airways, which was priced at £135 for a round trip from Heathrow – at first glance.

But when he looked at his baggage options included with the cheaper flights, he found the Ryanair ticket only included a cabin bag sized up to 40cm x 20cm x 25cm, and a slightly larger bag option for EasyJet and Wizz.

The British Airways price included two pieces of hand luggage, which Mr Trend said would be enough for a weekend in Venice.

In comparison, by adding a normal-sized cabin bag to the EasyJet flight, the cost more than doubled to £132, or £178 with a hold bag.

The Ryanair flight increased to £116 return with a 10k cabin bag and to £226 for a hold bag.

The consumer writer found the British Airways flight worked out the cheapest as it would be easier for him to travel to Heathrow than Stansted.

People who live in London comparing flights from the different London airports may want to consider that Heathrow has the advantage of being accessible on the Tube via the Piccadilly Line.

Mr Trend said expensive flights and complicated rules may not be news to readers but it gave him “pause for thought” so experience it so “starkly”.

He said there are other matters to consider when comparing flight prices such as seat selection and priority boarding.

He also warned specialist comparison sites may not point out these differences, as when he compared the flights using Skyscanner, it didn’t show British Airways as the cheapest option.

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