Britain's youngest airline pilot in talks to set up his own airline at only 22

Seth, whose mother Frances funded his flying lessons by selling the family home, is in talks with major financial backers to launch his own carrier.

Although his career was grounded by the pandemic travel ban and then the recession, he is ready to take off to another level.

He said: “The idea has been fully approved in principle by certain key people.”

“There is a lot of interest from one particular investment banker who is looking at the business plan as we speak.”

“I have come a long way and not just in the last four years.”

“If the pandemic hadn’t hit, I could have been flying commercially at 18. Airlines had called me up and shown an interest but that didn’t come to anything once covid shut things down.”

Seth, from north-west London, set his heart on becoming a pilot aged eight, and Frances sold the home to fund an £85,000 pilot’s course in Greece.

He had to learn theory in radio navigation, visual flight training and at least ten other subjects before finally seeking work when he qualified.

“I called and emailed constantly. I never gave up and eventually I got hold of someone at the company which, thankfully, went on to employ me.”

“When they first registered an interest I would text monthly asking whether they were looking for pilots or was there anything else I could do within the company.”

Eventually, he had to do another course, and his mother stepped in again, clubbing together with his grandmother to fund the £20,000 professional course.

But their efforts were rewarded when he got a job with a British company before taking to the skies to get precious flying experience.

As well as setting up an airline, he wants to offer advice to other would-be pilots and set up a scholarship for keen youngsters in Africa.

He says youngsters’ best way into the cockpit is through Government-funded platforms like Talentview Aviation or Aviation Skills Recruitment Platform. 

“I’ve had such good fortune in my life,” adds Seth, who flies corporate jets. “Now is the time to pay it forward.”

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