Belgrade Airport rail construction to begin in 2024

Construction of a new suburban rail line, which will link Belgrade Airport both to the city and the EXPO 2027 site will begin in mid-2024. According to Serbia’s Minister for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, the project documentation should be finalised by the end of the year, while technical documentation for the project will be completed by mid-2024 after which construction will begin. It will take eighteen months to complete the new line. The new rail track will begin at Zemun Polje station and continue to new stations Singidunum – Belgrade Airport – Surčin – National Stadium. Trains on the new rail line, which includes the airport, will run every half an hour, and up to every fifteen minutes during peak commute times. Trains on the new track will reach speeds of 120 kilometres per hour. The new rail line will run with the following stops: Prokop (Central) – New Belgrade – Tošin bunar – Zemun – Altina – Zemun polje – Singidunum – Belgrade Airport – Surčin – National Stadium.

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