ASL Airlines France joins the partners of the "Worldwide by easyJet" platform for simplified connections to Algeria

ASL Airlines France has partnered with easyJet’s “Worldwide by easyJet” platform to provide simplified connections to Algeria. The integration of ASL Airlines France into the platform allows easyJet customers to access medium and long-haul flights to over 100 destinations through the service.

With easyJet being Europe’s leading network company, this partnership enhances their connectivity in the Mediterranean region, particularly for customers travelling to and from Algeria.

The “Worldwide by easyJet” platform, launched in 2017, is the first global connecting service offered by a low-cost European airline, providing seamless connections through a digital portal. The partnership with ASL Airlines France expands the options for easyJet customers to travel to Algeria, either for visiting loved ones or exploring the country. The regular routes served by ASL Airlines France include various cities in Algeria from multiple French airports.

Common airports served by both easyJet and ASL Airlines France include Paris CDG, Lyon, Basel-Mulhouse, and Lille.

The partnership with ASL Airlines France adds to the list of airlines participating in “Worldwide by easyJet,” which includes major carriers such as Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic.

The easyJet website allows customers to access hundreds of destinations across Europe, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Indian Ocean, and Southeast Asia. The “Worldwide by easyJet” service has no negative impact on punctuality or the airline’s operating model, as easyJet does not hold flights for connecting passengers. A minimum connection time of up to 3 hours, depending on the route, is implemented to ensure smooth transfers between flights and terminals.

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