American Airlines plane TURNS AROUND after passenger calls flight attendant an 'offensive' name

An American Airlines plane headed to Guyana returned to JFK Airport after departure because a flight attendant was offended by what one of the passengers called him.

“I think you’ll be very understanding when you find out why the plane had to be diverted,” says Pat Gray, who’s clearly employing sarcasm.

What was the slur that was horrible enough to justify derailing the plans of every other passenger on the flight?


That’s right — the incredibly derogatory term the passenger used was the word waiter.

According to the passenger involved, Joel Ghansham, the incident began when he asked one of the crew members for help storing his luggage in the overhead compartments, as he recently underwent spinal surgery.

“Sounds fine so far,” Pat says.

However, the flight attendant responded with a curt, “I don’t get paid for that.”

Later into the flight, when drink orders were taken, the same flight attendant asked Ghansham if he wanted something to drink, to which Ghansham responded, “No, thank you, waiter.”

Outraged, the flight attendant told Ghansham that he had the power to turn the plane around, and Ghansham, understandably frustrated, replied, “You must be God, so you do it.”

And they did. The plane turned around mid flight and returned to JFK Airport.

“What a world we live in,” says Pat, completely dumbfounded.

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