American Airlines' customers are reportedly unhappy with the new $75 fee. The service was previously free.

AMERICAN Airlines has made its basic economy class a bit less basic for international travellers.

It was announced by the airline last week that there would be no free checked luggage on transpacific basic economy flights. The customers were not pleased.

American Airlines has eliminated free checked bags on basic economy transpacific flights.


American Airlines eliminated the free check-in bags for basic economy transpacific flight.Credit: Getty
The airline will now charge customers $75 to bring a checked bag on some flights


On some flights, the airline is now charging $75 per bag.Credit: Getty

American Airlines’ Basic Economy value-fare class included one bag for free when booking a transpacific trip.

This made perfect sense as many customers who travel long distances will require more luggage than just a carry on bag.

American Airlines Basic Economy Transpacific flight ticket holders now have to pay $75 for the first bag they check on their transpacific flight.

In a statement to The U.S. Sun, American Airlines said: “We are simplifying our product offerings to make it easier for customers when they are shopping for travel.

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“With this change, our Basic Economy product will include all of the same features whether a customer is purchasing it for a domestic or international flight.”

It was also noted that “our baggage fees are unchanged.” This change was made to the Basic Economy only on transpacific flights.

The basic economy ticket for transatlantic flight still includes a $75 charge for the checked first bag.

Some travelers don’t like the increase, which took place on June 7, 2019.

One user on Twitter (@CrudeRudy), Written by: “Welp, looks like I won’t be flying American Airlines anymore since they’re now like Spirit and charging for even a single checked bag. What a way to downgrade what was once a marquee airline…”.

Others said that they preferred to see the surcharge as part of the price and not as a separate fee.

“Really, @AmericanAir?! What? $75 for an checked bag on transoceanic flight? At my age, I would like to travel with only a carry-on bag. …. “Maybe it’s less annoying or embarrassing if we just raised the price by $75. Twitter.

The airline was tagged by another person. You can post a comment below. Twitter, I wrote “Bye” @AmericanAir “Who would pay $75 just for one bag?”

American Airlines previously sold a bag called the Basic Economy Plus Bag in a number of markets such as Japan, Korea. Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

The product is no longer available in the market. You can view this onaa.comThe U.S. received a response from the airline that checked baggage charges vary depending on market, and whether you are an AAdvantage Member.

Some travelers say they would've rather seen American Airlines' new baggage fee added to the ticket price, instead of at checkout


Many travelers would have preferred to see the new American Airlines baggage fee included in their ticket prices, rather than at check-outCredit: Getty
The change took effect June 7, 2023


This change came into effect on June 7, 2020Credit: Getty
A transpacific flight on American Airlines booked in the value fare Basic Economy class previously included one free checked bag.


The Basic Economy fare of American Airlines for a transpacific flight included a free bag when booked at the Value Fare.Credit: Getty

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