Airline's probe vow after man 'watched adult movie during flight'

A business class passenger has been criticized for watching pornography on his phone on a long-haul flight. A fellow passenger has contacted United Airlines to ask, “Are there no consequences for watching porn on your planes?”.

The woman, going by the Twitter handle @WWJenD, said the passenger watched porn “on and off for most of the flight” despite being asked not to by a flight attendant.

United have promised to investigate after the woman complained on social media. 

“The flight attendant did tell him ‘you can’t watch that’ after I complained and showed him these pics that I took from my seat,” she wrote on Twitter.

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She said the man stopped temporarily but soon returned to watching the content, even leaving the sound on loud.

“There were people up and about in the cabin including minors who could have seen what this man was doing,” she said.

In a comment on the women’s post, United Airlines said it would investigate, adding: “We’re truly sorry that this has been your experience. This is very concerning to hear.”

Other social media users were not all supportive of the woman, however.  @Bucksdelux79 replied: “Im actually quite shocked you are using he/him pronouns. Did you ask them their pronouns first before tweeting this?

“Also, if watching porn makes him feel his authentic self then more power to him, you should learn to be accepting.”

@horn_knee_cow1 said: “You literally had to stand up and spy on another passenger to even see that on a tiny phone screen. Very creepy thing to do tbh.”

And @pueblotragico said: “If he wants to identify as a public porn consumer, you should do better with respecting his identity.  This is pride month, after all.”

The Daily Mail reported that United Airlines recently had another in-air drama after turning back a plane from Israel because a passenger refused to get up from the airline steward’s seat while waiting for the bathroom.

United said the ‘disruptive’ passenger was escorted off the plane first but that all the other passengers also had to disembark as the flight needed to be rescheduled.

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