Airlines employee SHOUTS at customers to 'hurry up' at boarding gate

‘Rude’ Frontier Airlines employee SHOUTS at customers to ‘hurry up’ at boarding gate in viral video

  • The female employee appeared harried and was scratching her head as she barks out orders: ‘Next guest please … we are going to have to close the doors’
  • Some passengers are in a frenzied state while others are annoyed as she is seen scolding one of the passengers
  • The flight was leaving Denver and traveling to Norfolk, Virginia 

An impatient Frontier Airlines worker has gone viral after she was caught shouting at passengers to ‘hurry up’ at the boarding gate before a flight from Denver to Virginia.

The woman, who was not identified, appeared stressed and scratched her head as she barked out orders at Denver International Airport, seemingly to avoid the flight being delayed. 

‘Next guest please… we are going to have to close the doors we are already late,’ she can be heard shouting in the video, which has racked up more than 2.4 million views, nearly 30,000 likes and over 3,100 comments on Instagram

Many of the travelers are seen lining up – some in a frenzied state others annoyed – as the woman is seen standing behind a makeshift table dressed in what looks more like a bathrobe than an airline uniform.

The clip has gained a mixed reaction, with some sympathizing with the under-pressure employee, while others criticized her for her questionable customer service. 

The woman, who was not identified, appeared harried scratching her head as she is barking out orders: 'Next guest please... we are going to have to close the doors we are already late'

'You don't need to do that,' she said to a male passenger as her fist is banging on the table. Let's go... let's go... I gotta close these doors ....I am already two minutes late'

Bonnie Rushing posted the video of the June 4 ordeal. The post garnered more than 2.4 million views, nearly 30,000 likes, over 3,100 comments. The video has also been reposted to Twitter and TikTok

‘You don’t need to do that,’ she seems to scold a male passenger as she forcefully taps the machine that scans the passengers boarding passes.  ‘Let’s go… let’s go… I gotta close these doors… I am already two minutes late.’

She then says aloud, as a woman is trying to board the plane with her young son: ‘What are they going to do with this passenger and her dog pen?’

A woman identified as Bonnie Rushing posted the video to her social media account on June 4 with the comment: ‘Frontier Airlines always doing the most to provide top notch service,’ she wrote. 

‘But serious, what is this????… people just trying to boar the plane without getting PTSD.’  

Some of the comments were amusing while others appeared irate.

‘When the bus lady gets a job at the airline,’ someone quipped. 

Another said: ‘The cafeteria lady working during summer.’

‘Wow, absolutely abhorrent standard of service,’ said another. 

‘Truly mindblowing my egregious and repulsive behavior from someone who’s supposed to be a service professional. Please blow this up and send this to news agencies and spirit!’

A former airline manager who went on a rant after viewing the video than her assessment of the situation.

‘I’m flabbergasted that anyone thinks this is acceptable! Just as stressful as it is to get that plane pushed back on time, it’s beyond stressful for the passengers as well who are nervous flyers!,’ she wrote.

The viral video was shared on Instagram where it 's been seen more than 2.4million times

‘There clearly is a line waiting to board the aircraft so it’s on the flight crew as to why they weren’t on time boarding the plane (whether within their control or not). If the plane is running behind for any reason other than waiting on a passenger who can’t finish their beer fast enough… it is on you as the gate staff to move them along as quickly and efficiently as possible, without making the situation stressful. For the guest and yourself!

‘And if your upper management is coming down on you for being a few minutes behind and essentially forcing this behavior so you don’t get in trouble on the backside- then you’re upper management needs to be reevaluated!

‘BIG TIME! THIS, right here, unnecessary high stress is how BIG GSC mistakes happen. If the passengers were not at the gate at boarding time- that’s on them. I’m sorry sir or mam, but the aircraft doors closed 2 minutes ago.

‘With the continued line of people coming thru though, and it’s not just one or two guests, I have a feeling something else was the factor in the late boarding. 

‘You don’t catch someone acting like this for a few late passengers- this lady was acting erratically prior to this video, otherwise (the recording person) never would have thought to pull her phone out and start recording the interaction. 

‘Don’t get me wrong- being a gate agent is VERY stressful especially dealing with all the dynamics of the different passengers- but this right here is unacceptable.’

A stock image of a Frontier airplane on the runway at Denver International Airport

Others didn’t mind the unique customer service they witnessed – and some even expressed some empathy.

‘All I see is a woman that most likely is burdened with work, family problems or work related issues or maybe all three at once. I am feeling sorry for her. I hope she is well,’ someone said.

‘Look like she’s doing a good job to me.. I kinda like her,’ a person wrote.

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