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Airline travel waivers were given to passengers due to Hurricane Hilary.  

Airline Travel Waivers Issue By Several US Airlines Due To Hurricane Hillary (Photo: Marshall News Messenger)

Due to Hurricane Hilary’s predicted impact on flight schedules, a number of airlines are releasing airline travel waivers to change costs for travelers this weekend.

According to weather tracker Zoom Earth, the tropical storm was positioned in the Pacific Ocean south of Cabo San Lucas on Saturday and was moving toward southern California.

The US Embassy in Mexico City issued a warning about heavy downpours, strong winds, and high surf that might cause flash floods in some areas of Mexico and California. 

Among the expanding number of airlines giving airline travel waivers and allowing free flight changes, this weekend are the American Airlines, Delta, Southwest, and United. 

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According to the flight-tracking site FlightAware, there were more than 2,800 delayed flights at ET.

The Department of Transportation‘s policy states that if a flight is canceled for any reason, passengers are automatically entitled to a refund, given airline travel waivers, although airlines are given more latitude in the event of delays. Travelers can use a dashboard provided by the DOT to understand how airlines handle compensation for delays.

In a travel advisory, American Airlines advised people flying through various Californian airports that they will receive airline travel waivers and could rebook their flights for free by August 21. Both online and over the phone are options for customers to modify their vacation.

Southwest also issued a weather-related flight disruption alert. Within 14 days of their initial date of travel, passengers can also rebook their flight without paying any additional fees through the airline travel waivers.

Those who rebook their tickets with Delta before August 23 will not be charged through the airline travel waivers, while those who rearrange their flights and take off between August 17 and August 28 will not be charged by United also through the airline travel waivers. 

According to statistics from flight tracking website FlightAware, at least 74 flights inside, to, or from the US have been canceled during the course of Saturday and Sunday, and 465 more have been delayed as of Saturday morning ET.

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