Airline revolutionising travel by providing a 'holiday wardrobe' when you land

Cramming everything you need into a suitcase, while staying within the weight limit, is one of the most stressful parts of going on holiday.

However, a new service means that some passengers no longer need to worry about it.

The Any Wear, Anywhere campaign launched by Japan Airlines (JAL) allows travellers to have rental clothes delivered to their hotels when they arrive.

By doing this, they hope to “provide a travel experience with minimal luggage”.

The rentals will be provided by the Sumitomo Corporation, who are in charge of getting, delivering, and laundering all the clothing.

All the garments will be “obtained from excess stock of apparel and pre-owned clothing, thereby promoting the concept of a circular economy.”

The service will be running as a trial until August 31, 2024, with the airline assessing whether it can help in their goal of providing more sustainable options for travellers.

To try it out, travellers simply need to visit the airline’s reservation website and select the clothes that “best suits the season and purpose” of their visit.

One set of clothing will cost between ¥4,000 and ¥7,000 ($AU42 to $73), and people will be able to rent up to eight outfits for as long as two weeks.

They are available in three sizes, small, medium and large, and three styles, smart, smart casual and mixed.

The clothes will be delivered to them at their hotel, where they can also leave it to be collected. Orders must be placed a month in advance.

The idea seemed to split opinion on social media, with some sceptical of how successful, or hygienic, it would be.

One wrote: “How do I know that the clothes have been sanitised and all that? The previous person may have a skin disease for all I know. Hopefully it doesn’t include underwear.”

Another added: “Beware, Asia size 5XL is about a M in North America.”

However there were those who thought it was a clever idea, with several benefits.

One said: “I love this. And delivered to your hotel! So no need to even pick them up yourselves. Just walk off with your carry on.

“Could be fun to dress more local, too.”

A second commented: “Cool idea! I hope it works!”

Earlier this year, a passenger went viral for a trick that enabled him to also pick up his clothes on arrival at his destination.

The Tiktoker known as Mike (@isthatmike03) filmed himself buying all the clothes he needed for his trip when he arrived at his destination.

But, instead of keeping them, leaving him massively out of pocket whenever he goes away, he simply returns them before he flies back and gets a full refund.

He said: “It works even better if you have a credit card so you don’t have to spend any of your own money.

“Stop paying those airlines your hard earned money just so you can have extra luggage. It’s expensive and inconvenient.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission. 

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