Passengers aboard the Singapore Airlines flight which suddenly plummeted 6,000 were thrown into “zero gravity” like a rollercoaster.

Flight SQ321 left the UK but experienced severe turbulence over Myanmar and plunged 6,000ft over the Andaman Sea off the coast of Thailand which was experiencing extreme tropical thunderstorms. Those aboard not wearing seatbelts were launched into the ceiling of the plane. The accident tragically cost the life of Geoffrey Kitchen , 73, who suffered a suspected heart attack.

Several other passengers have since spoken of their own horror adventures aboard the Boeing 777. Australian Keith Davis, 59, said he was thrown into “zero gravity”. He told the BBC from a hospital in Bangkok: “We were launched into space hurtling towards the ceiling. It felt as though we were floating.

Geoff Kitchen

Geoff Kitchen suffered a heart attack in the horror incident
Courtesy of Thornbury Musical Th / SWNS)

“[We] were suspended in complete shock and disbelief looking at everything floating around. And then the next moment, your awareness is that you’re hurtling straight back down… It was absolutely horrific.”

“Hats off to the pilot, he got that plane down. When it just kissed the tarmac, it was like, ‘Did we actually land?’ It was the most beautiful touchdown to the tarmac.”

Another passenger, Ali Bukhari, said it was like “going down a roller coaster.” Eva Choo, whose family was aboard the flight said she had “no idea” if they were “alive or dead”.

Eva Choo

Eva Choo says she did not know if her family members on the flight had survived
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In the wake of the incident at 37,000ft, Singapore Airlines introduced stricter rules around seatbelts. The airline will now ensure all cabin crew will buckle up when planes fly through turbulence and stop meal services during these periods. It said it will follow the “more cautious approach to managing turbulence in-flight”

Since the accident, the airline’s chief executive Goh Choon Phong met passengers, crew, their family members and loved ones in Bangkok. He said: “The well-being of our passengers and crew members remains our priority. I have given them my personal assurance that we will take care of them during this difficult time.

“Our staff volunteers are here to provide each passenger with updates and the necessary assistance. We have also facilitated the travel of their family members and loved ones to Bangkok and ensured that they are taken care of too.

“On behalf of Singapore Airlines, I extend my deepest gratitude to everyone in Singapore, Thailand, and around the world , who have assisted us during this difficult time. This includes Singapore Changi Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport, as well as our other aviation partners. I would also like to especially thank the staff at Bangkok Hospital, Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital, and Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, who have been caring tirelessly for our passengers and crew.”

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