Airline passenger's fury as 'obese' holidaymaker sits next to her on flight

A passenger unleashed their fury at an “obese” holidaymaker who sat next to her on a flight, “spilling over” from her seat and onto that of the customer next to her.

The allegedly overweight woman left her fellow passenger uncomfortable for the whole flight, leaving the infuriated customer to speak out online.

In a bitter TripAdvisor review, the woman from Ohio, said that she had been assigned the middle seat of her row for the flight.

And she was sat next to a woman who was estimated to weigh 500lbs (35 stone) – and who she believed was violating her rights as a passenger.

But her complaints fell on deaf ears with the flight’s cabin crew.

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She said: “I sat crowded (as if the middle isn’t bad enough), with someone touching me and with their weight on me. By half way through the flight, my neck and shoulder were aching.

“I am also upset because this was a very expensive flight, I paid $933 (£750) for someone to sit on top of me!”

The woman claimed in her review that she felt “my rights were violated” and that even after mentioning the situation to the “crew member who was helping the obese woman” asking if she and her husband could “have the empty seats in first class”, no help was forthcoming.

The passenger said: “He told me not unless my name was on a list. I thought the flight was sold out and those seats were the only empty seats I saw.”

According to the review, the infuriated passenger was unable to put her armrest down for the unspecified flight’s duration, claiming the “obese” passenger took up a “good portion of her seat” in a cutting remark.

The passenger, the Daily Mirror reported, continued: “Her leg was under the seat in front of me, she was touching me from shoulder to toe, but worst of all, her arm and shoulder were resting on me.

“I couldn’t get out of the seat because she couldn’t get up without help.”

She added: “When I got home, I was encouraged by several people to contact Continental Airline Customer Service, so I did.

“The rep was short and rude with me. She kept insisting that as long as this woman could fit with an extension, it was fine. I asked the rep about the armrest and her sitting on top of me and the rep never really answered that question.”

The woman argued that the representative said she should have asked to move if she was unhappy with any vacant seat on the flight – not just in the first-class seats.

She was left unsure of how best to progress her concerns.

Fellow social media commenters were equally unsure, with one writing: “The airline is to blame. They allow or stop people getting on board, they know exactly what is going on but would rather do nothing about it.

“They could have moved the squashed lady to first class, even if she didn’t ask if they were full or if there were seats available someplace else.”

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