Airline ‘hack’ divides travelers: ‘Jeopardizing other passengers’

The lighter the bag, the heavier the wallet.

It’s easy to feel ripped off by the cost of air travel, but users are divided over one frequent flyer’s money-saving hack.

Californian-based musical group Bed Sweater uploaded a clip on TikTok last week to share their trick, showing a man clandestinely using his foot to prop up the luggage scale while the bags were being weighed by airline staff, presumably to make them seem lighter — and avoid oversized baggage fees.

“Kinda surprised this worked,” the band captioned the clip, which has been viewed over 2.4 million times.

They didn’t say where the footage was recorded but claimed elsewhere in the post that the “baggage lady was cool about it,” insinuating she knew what they were doing.

Some viewers praised band members for sharing the tip, with some admitting they’ve tried to do the same.

“I do this all the time. It works,” a user responded on TikTok.

“As someone who flew for years for work…I did this every week,” another agreed.

TikTok screenshot man standing at airport luggage check in scale using foot propped under scale.
This travel hack involves using a foot to prop up the luggage on the scale, making the bags appear lighter.
TikTok / bed.sweater

Although many appreciated it from a financial point of view, critics pointed out the bags are weighed for the safety of the passengers and staff.

“Crazy how you think that’s so clever but you’re jeopardizing the flight and other passengers by screwing up the weight and balance,” one TikTok user scoffed.

“When you do this you are putting airline employees in harm’s way!” another raged. “The reason overweight baggage gets tagged is so that it can be team-lifted.”

The Post has attempted to reach Bed Sweater for additional details.

To save suitcase space, travel hackers on TikTok have been putting function before fashion in another packing trend.

Using a fishing vest, savvy airline passengers using pocket-laden vests — typically worn by anglers to carry their myriad gizmos — to carry belongings they can’t fit into a carry-on.

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