Airbus, LanzaJet Sign MoU to Increase SAF Production

DALLAS – European plane maker Airbus has teamed up with leading sustainable fuel technology company LanzaJet to ‘address the needs of the aviation sector through the production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).’

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aims to accelerate the certification process and subsequent usage of SAF in aircraft. LanzaJet is currently working on creating Alcohol-to-Jet (ATJ) technology. This sees low-carbon ethanol dehydrated to ethylene which is then used to generate longer carbon-chain molecules. The refinement process then produces either jet fuel or diesel, which can cut carbon emissions by some 70% compared to fossil fuels.

Currently, the aviation industry is responsible for around 2-3% of global carbon dioxide emissions. SAF is one of the ways to immediately decarbonise the sector, along with introducing more fuel-efficient aircraft and improved operations.

OH-LXB Finnair Airbus A320 Sustainable Aviation Fuel SAF HEL EFHK. Photo: Adrian Nowakowski/Airways.


“We are delighted to grow our partnership with LanzaJet, a leading company in the SAF production ecosystem. At Airbus we are committed to supporting SAF as a major lever in the reduction of CO2 emissions on the decarbonisation roadmap,” says Julie Kitcher, EVP, of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at Airbus. “With LanzaJet as a trusted partner, we can support the acceleration of the Alcohol-to-Jet SAF production pathway and at scale. This collaboration will also explore technological developments to enable Airbus aircraft to be capable of flying up to 100% SAF before the end of the decade.”

Jimmy Samartzis, CEO of LanzaJet, added, “SAF is the best near-term solution to reducing aviation emissions and this collaboration between LanzaJet and Airbus is an important step forward in the fight against climate change and enabling the global energy transition. We look forward to continuing our work with Airbus and further growing our joint impact across the globe.”

Featured Image: Airbus.

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