Air Serbia has said it will look to replace its existing ten-strong Airbus A319 fleet with A320s and Embraer aircraft, while the latter will also be used to substitute turboprops on routes with high demand. Speaking to “Aviation Week”, the airline said, “Air Serbia decided last year to upgrade any new additions to the Airbus fleet to the A320 model, as the A319 is being phased out due to its maturity within the Airbus portfolio. With the gap between the 72-seat regional turboprop ATR and the 180-seat A320 being too large, Air Serbia has explored options for a typical regional jet, or a crossover jet in Embraer’s case.”

Having tested the concept through wet-leases, Air Serbia is “pursuing a dry-lease option for the first two E195s” the carrier said, describing Embraer as “the future replacement for the A319”. The first two 118-seat E195s are due to enter service on July 1. As previously reported, the two aircraft will be leased from Denmark’s Runway Leasing. One is already in Belgrade, registered OY-GDA, while the other is currently in Katowice, registered OY-GDB. The carrier is also wet-leasing two Bulgaria Air E190s for the summer, with one already operating on Air Serbia’s behalf, while the other is due to enter into service on June 10.
Air Serbia has said the two incoming E195s will also be deployed on established ATR routes. Notably the E195s have been scheduled on select flights to Podgorica, Tirana, Tivat, and Bucharest this summer which were initially to operate with the ATRs. Furthermore, Air Serbia plans to further expand the Embraer fleet. As EX-YU Aviation News previously reported, a third jet of the same type is likely to arrive during the coming winter. “We believe there are enough mid-aged E1 Embraers available on the market to meet our short-term fleet needs”, the carrier concluded. Air Serbia has now scheduled the E195 jets throughout the coming winter season as well.

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