Air Serbia plans to launch new short regional routes and extend a select number of existing summer seasonal destinations during the upcoming 2024/25 winter, which begins on October 27. Speaking to the “TangoSix” portal, Air Serbia’s CEO, Jiri Marek, said, “We are currently analysing how to deploy the additional ATRs during the winter season. I can’t reveal yet, but there will be some positive surprises when we decide to keep some summer routes over the winter. We also plan to introduce new shorter destinations during the winter, which are ideal for ATR aircraft to explore”. The airline will shortly take delivery of its tenth ATR72-600 aircraft, completing its turboprop fleet expansion. Over the ongoing summer, two will be used as back-up to avoid operational disruptions.
Mr Marek noted the carrier is looking to standardise its cabins across the fleet in order for each type to have the same number of seats in its category. “Some of the ATRs came with seventy and some with 72 seats. The number of seats on all ATR72-600s will be 72. All of the Airbus A319s will have 144 seats, while the A320s will have 180 seats. We are looking at different seat manufacturers to reduce their weight, which can also affect overall fuel consumption and consequently reduce CO2 emissions”, the CEO said. The aircraft reconfiguration will taka place in the coming months.
As previously reported, apart from exploring new regional routes, Air Serbia is also gearing up for its long-haul expansion, with the carrier to introduce flights to Shanghai and Guangzhou this year. According to Mr Marek, one will be launched in October, while the other in December, although the carrier will subsequently decide which one will commence in which month. We expect “Romeo Delta”, as we currently call it internally, to arrive in Belgrade by the end of July, beginning of August. I cannot give a more precise date at the moment because it depends on the work required to prepare the aircraft for service. We certainly know that the plane is entering the hangar for maintenance on July 1. The most complex part will be work on the landing gear. The company from which we are leasing the aircraft has reserved a slot with Lufthansa Technik to carry out this work, however, as we saw last season, anything can happen, so it’s never good to talk about fixed dates. The second A330 should arrive in October, or November this year at the latest”, the CEO noted.

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