Air Serbia hires hundred baggage handlers

Air Serbia has hired almost one hundred baggage handlers to help alleviate issues faced at its hub Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport with the loading, offloading and transfer of bags. Although Air Serbia has its own ground handling unit, it has outsourced these duties to Belgrade Airport, which has struggled this summer due to a lack of staff, causing significant delays and lost luggage, most notably on Air Serbia flights. The carrier’s General Manager for Commercial and Strategy, Boško Rupić, said, “The situation is definitely improving compared to the last two months. In a record short period of time, Air Serbia has hired almost one hundred people for handling luggage, so the situation has significantly improved. It is indisputable that we communicated our plans to the airport at the end of last year. Plans for the summer were made sometime in September and October, and they were initially communicated to the airport in December. We cannot say that there were some surprises regarding the increase in traffic this season. The airport is obliged to handle luggage, but looking at the overall situation, we made the decision to employ one hundred people to handle that job. It is the responsible approach towards passengers who have purchased our tickets, because their baggage would otherwise not arrive at the destination they are traveling to”.

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