Air Serbia acquires Airbus' fuel saving technology

Air Serbia has signed a contract with Airbus its Navblue company for the procurement of two advanced software solutions which will significantly contribute to fuel saving for aircraft in the carrier’s fleet and the reduction of carbon emissions. The Serbian flag carrier will become the launch customer of the Descent Profile Optimizer (DPO) software, as well as the IDLE Factor Optimizer (IFO). The DPO, which will be used for the A320-familly fleet, as well as the A330s, works by updating the Flight Management System (FMS) and reducing margins in descent and approach, enabling a later top of descent and reduced deceleration distance in level-off. The upgrade is performed in less than four hours and, on an A320, can typically save 75 kilograms of fuel per descent. IDLE Factor Optimizer continuously adjusts the FMS prediction of the descent trajectory leading to fuel and emissions savings, and improved handling qualities for pilots.

Air Serbia announced it was in talks over the new technology last September. The airline estimates the amount of money saved through the reduction of fuel usage will pay for the software across its Airbus fleet itself. Furthermore, the airline would reduce gas emissions per jet. Commenting on the procurement, Air Serbia’s CEO, Jiri Marek, said this week at the IATA Annual General Meeting in Istanbul, “Air Serbia has been launching various initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions for years. We are extremely pleased that at this year’s most important gathering for the aviation industry in Istanbul, we have reached an agreement with Airbus, a global leader in the field, to purchase two advanced software solutions that will be of great help to reduce our carbon emissions, but also reduce the cost of operations”.

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